Arlene Hyzer-Hannigan


A journey has to start somewhere.

I joined the beauty industry in 2010, but that is not actually the beginning. My grandfather was a barber and I learned early on that I had an interest in the hair industry. Eventually, I took my creative side and put it to work at something that came natural to me and I began to build on that solid foundation.

I joined a team of wonderful and creative stylists which enabled me to truly grow as a stylist. I believe that education never stops. It is the power behind expanding your creativity. I continue to attend many advanced training classes, locally and many in NYC. I feel very strongly about keeping techniques and education current and trendy. My passion is to use my listening and physical skills to keep my clients looking and feeling great. I find the importance for each client to be able to recreate their style themselves. Knowing my clients can achieve that always keeps me in high spirits.

In 2016 an amazing opportunity was presented to me by my teacher and mentor, Julie Keating. I was asked to continue the growth of CHD. Both of us having the same high expectations and drive, I decided to accept the opportunity to become the new owner of CHD. The staff and I will continue to provide you with creativity and experience that you have known and expect from us. We will strive to increase our level of education and grow the next generation for the best years to come.

I am very grateful for the love and support given to help me to accomplish this new endeavor. Many thanks to my mother and father for all of their guidance and assistance. My husband and children for their patience and encouragement. I would also like to thank my salon family for continuing to work hard and accomplish our goals together.